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Web Application Development

We are not only a web development company but a trustworthy partner as well. We deeply understand your tech needs and are ready to provide you with secure, scalable and high-performing web application development services. View all

End-to-End Web Development

We have an expert team always keeping up with the latest trends in Front-end and Back-end web development to create high-quality web applications with clean code, smart functionality and logical layouts.

High Performance & Speed

Our outstanding websites with high performance and speed which can load within 2 seconds will improve the conversion rates by reducing the bounce rates and increasing engagement and ranks in search engines.

Advanced Security & Scalability

Our QA and Test are specialised in identifying and fixing software bugs, checking the application compatibility and enhancing the security of websites. We are committed to delivering you websites with maximum security and scalability.
Being a top innovative mobile app development outsourcing company recognised as Top 30 Mobile App Developers by Clutch in 2018, we have been building both native and cross-platform mobile applications using cutting-edge technologies and programming languages. View all

End-to-End App Development

We have expertise in delivering full-cycle mobile development services including UI/UX design, application development & integration, testing, deployment in the app store, updates and maintenance.

Leading-edge Technologies

We employ advanced technologies in the mobile applications delivered to our clients to keep them ahead in the marketplace: Internet of Things, Wearable, Geo Tracking, Biometric Sensors, Location Sensing and more.

Cross-device Functionality

The in-depth data analysis is carried out over time to understand users’ behaviours on each mobile device to optimise the compatibility of mobile apps and the user experience on different devices.
As a leading IT outsourcing company, we have successfully delivered custom software development services at reasonable costs in short time period for fast-growing businesses and SMEs across the globe as per the specific needs and requirements of each business. View all

Full-stack Experts

We have the expertise to provide IT solutions for enterprises using the latest technologies in the Industry 4.0. Our team is professional in various languages, frameworks, infrastructures, servers, databases and different types of CMSs depending on your needs.

Customisation & Migration

We build customised applications to meet sophisticated requirements from enterprises. Besides, we analyse the code base on the client's specification and migrate data with minimal inconvenience, at a lower cost and suitable with the available and/or old systems.

Specific Solutions

We have successfully deployed hundreds of projects in different countries in a wide array of business verticals such as E-commerce web and mobile applications, CRM systems, Economy Sharing apps, Social Networking apps and more.
Our DevOps solutions create a collaborative and continuous environment between IT engineers & technologies for improved quality, reduced costs and faster time. View all

Cloud Services

Deeply understanding the essential role of Cloud Technologies in the business competition in today’s market, we provide core platforms such as AWS, Google Cloud and Azure at a reasonable cost and economic efficiency.

DevOps Services

Savvycom DevOps bridges the gaps and removes bottlenecks between the software development process and other IT operations to ensure agile delivery for software-driven innovation.

Cloud Automation & DevOps

No matter what technologies & tools you are using, we accelerate application delivery to the cloud through innovative DevOps solutions ensuring to keep our clients updated with the advanced technologies.

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