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Savvycom - Your Software Development Partner

  • Client - focus

    Client - focus

    With a 92% returning client, we go beyond technology and understand our clients’ business goals and ambitions. Savvycom is hands-on and ensures that your technology is always in alignment with our clients’ strategic vision.
  • High retention rate

    High retention rate

    We are proud of our high employee retention rate at around 93%. Retention is driven by ongoing professional development, a great work-life balance and an innovative workplace.
  • Scalable resource model

    Scalable resource model

    We adopt a flexible and scalable resource model that allows Savvycom to be flexible to adjust recourses in accordance with current clients’ demands and quickly prepare for future growth.
  • Expertise team

    Expertise team

    Savvycom is a cross-functional group of experts who have up to 20 years of relevant experience in software development and have worked on many different projects across a variety of industries.

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We are proud to be highlighted on a variety of media outlets.

Why Outsourcing Software Development To Savvycom

Savvycom is a top-notch software development company that provides technology services to clients across the globe.

Experienced Technologies

To meet our clients' unique demands, we are ready to work with the latest technologies and platforms.

Strategic Partners

We are honoured for being a partner with global organisations to bring more value to our clients.

Customer Success Stories

We work closely with all of our clients in a collaborative environment, helping them define and achieve their vision.
  • E-commerce / Retail Solutions

    With our dynamic IT solutions, our clients can quickly expand their business, exceed customer expectations, maximise omnichannel capabilities and boost profits.

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  • Economy Sharing Solutions

    To help our clients to compete with the 'now and happening' pulse of their industries, we help them build a comprehensive system to connect people in a real-time process.

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  • Enterprise Management Solutions

    Our cost-effective solutions allow our clients to lower the cost of administration, lighten the burden of management and automate processes as per business flow and execution.

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  • Logistics & Supply Chain Systems

    Our tailor-made IT solutions can help enhance the capabilities of managing the information flow, automate Logistics & Supply Chain processes and maximise your ROI.

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  • Solutions for Specific Industries

    We lend our full-service IT specialists for a wide range of industries such as Healthcare, Finance, Retail, E-commerce, Education, Logistics & Supply Chain, etc.

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Client Testimonials

We deeply appreciate all feedback from our clients to improve the quality of our services.
  • David Cheng Founder, iHeartlocal

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  • Nikias Leigh CEO, Real Property Photography

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  • Raghu Rai CEO, Jio Health

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Savvycom's Achievements

Our achievements reflect our commitment to provide our clients with the most innovative solutions.


Savvycom's Latest News

Please keep your finger on the pulse of the tech world check out the latest news related to our performance.
  • Business Intelligence Industry – Get to know your real Customers

    The BI industry has always failed to understand and support its real customers. With few exceptions, BI product vendors and consultancies continue to be acquainted primarily with IT. This is a comfortable, compatible relationship, for BI and IT both tend to see the world from an engineering-oriented, techno-centric perspective.

  • Savvycom officially become a Reseller of Microstrategy in Vietnam

    With an aim of growing together in this area, Savvycom and Microstrategy agreed to collaborate in providing total BI solutions (from design to implementation) in Vietnam. The start-up projects will be focused on Banking and Finance industry.

  • Social Media: Are Your Social Conversations Delivering Value

    The purpose of this post today is to discuss the value we offer our audiences. It’s not news to anyone has ever been on the internet that there is no shortage for information. 500 million users on Facebook, 24 hrs of video uploaded every minute, one new LinkedIn user every minute and the list goes on.

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